We are flat fee based computer repair center.
If you have us do the repairs needed, the diagnostic is free.


PC Crashing or Freezing

Often when your computer is crashing or freezing, the cause may be a hardware conflict, corrupt software or faulty drivers.
You may well have a virus problem if you are getting annoying pop ups appearing when surfing the internet or your programs just don’t seem to be acting the way they use to.

Solid State Drive Upgrades

If your laptop or PC is running slow we can upgrade your existing internal hard drive with a new faster more reliable solid state drive (SSD). You will certainly see the difference in speed straight away, your machine will run faster than when it was brand new. In many cases we can clone your drive too it will look exactly as it was before the upgrade just up to 6 times faster!

Virus or Spyware

One of the most annoying problems with computers are virus attacks. We can install compatible anti-virus software and protective firewalls and attempt to repair any damage your computer might have sustained from the virus or spyware. We can have your laptop or pc up and running the same day in most cases.

Internet Problems

SydCom Computer Repair can check out internet and email problems, set up internet connections, routers and WiFi. Where possible we can increase the speed of connection. On-Site service is not always available so please call 903-234-1828 to discuss your needs.

Retrieval of Lost Data

Using data retrieval software, we can attempt to retrieve lost or corrupted data. We offer advice on backup systems to prevent re-occurance of lost data.


Password Recovery

Password recovery can normally be done within a couple of hours. If you have forgotten your password or windows login details we can get you up and running in no time.


PC and Laptops Hardware

We can replace damaged hardware or upgrade your hard drive, motherboards, modems, routers, graphics and sound cards and all other components on most makes of PC and laptops.


Laptop Screen Replacement

If your screen is cracked, broken, or damaged, we can quickly replace your notebook screen.


Get a complete System Restore for only $90.

Includes the following:

  • Backup of personal files (My Documents, Pictures and Music. also includes Desktop and Favorites)
  • Wipe Drive Clean
  • Restore your original version of Windows Operating System
  • Install Protection (Currently installing AVG Free and Malwarebytes Free)
  • Copy your personal files back to your computer

Call 903-234-1828 today if you have any questions.