Virus & Malware Removal

If your computer has been infected by a virus or malware, we can remove it and clean up your PC.

We can remove most Trojans, Rootkits and other types of malware/spyware for as little as $80, which includes a full system cleanup, Free Anti-Virus and Malware Protection Software.

We can have your Desktop or Laptop up and running the very same day most cases.


How to tell if you have malware?
Here are the top ten signs your PC has a virus.
  1. Unexpected pop-up windows. Unexpected onscreen ads are a typical sign of a virus infection.
  2. Slow start up and slow performance.
  3. Suspicious hard drive activity.
  4. Lack of storage space.
  5. Missing files.
  6. Crashes and error messages.
  7. High network activity.
  8. Email is hijacked.
  9. Browser Woes
  10. Security Attacks


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